A Year to Reflect


After the craziness of 2015, I decided I would take this year a little bit easier.   I wanted to cut back at work and spend more time doing the things that I love.  It wasn’t easy because I really love what I do too, but I felt I needed to turn inwards and reflect on the life I wanted to live and the impact I wanted to have on the ones around me, especially my children.

By May 2016, I had discussed selling half of my clinic to my colleague, and though the papers still haven’t been signed, having a partner in the business has afforded me fewer commutes to KW and more time at home.

So what did I do these past months?  I basically hibernated.  I focused on my home.  I cleaned out every closet, storage room and drawer.  It was cathartic.  I redecorated and found out I am actually pretty good at it.  We got our basement finished.  I started experimenting more in the kitchen and have bought a breadmaker.  I started walking a lot.

This last one is a big deal.  I kind of always discounted walking.  I didn’t walk for exercise.  I ran or lifted weights.  Walking didn’t count in my mind as physical exercise.  In the past year, I have changed my tune.  Walking is less stressful than driving in Toronto.  It also allows me to soak up the sun, listen to podcasts and get some movement in my life.  I have learned to love walking so much that this week, the boys and I chose to walk or take the TTC instead of driving to school and activities.  The goal was to assess whether or not we could be a one car family.  The thought of giving up my car is so very liberating and I am so excited to do this.  Now I just have to make sure it is practical and that the boys will be able to manage.  Week one was a success, but we are going to try it out for a couple months before we finally kiss my car good-bye.

Generally, I have also said “no” a lot this year.  No to working extra shifts, no to doing extra lectures, no to doing anything I didn’t really want to (and that included writing for my blog for awhile).  Instead I travelled, reconnected with family, hung out with the boys, read books, cooked, baked (mostly healthy) and tried to figure out what my priorities are.

I can’t say I have all the answers yet, but this past year has truly allowed me to reflect on what matters in my life and what I need to give up.  It continues to be a work in progress but the process so far, has been quite a worthy journey for sure.